Faith formation by parishioners, for parishioners

Within our parish community are many people who have talents and areas of expertise which can be of benefit to others.  So it is a real blessing when they offer to share these with fellow parishioners.  Long-time parishioner Dr. Al Gregory has offered to speak about the complex moral issues relating to the beginning of life, drawing on his personal research on the teachings of the Church, and on his experience as both a scientist and a medical practitioner.  We hope you will join us for his presentation.

Beginning of Life Moral Issues, Thursday February 16 at 7:00

There are a number of complicated moral issues around the beginning and end of life.  The Church teaches that human life must be respected because it is sacred. With the rapid pace of developments in science and technology, there is a constant need to re-evaluate what is morally permissible. This discussion will cover issues such as:

  • the various types of reproduction, fertilization in vivo and in vitro
  • stem cells
  • distinguishing the difference between direct and indirect abortion

The presentation will be followed by a short period of questions from participants.

Dr. Gregory provided a list of documents which might be helpful to consult, including:

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