Faith Formation for children at St. Mark’s

A parish community needs to provide many different opportunities for people to grow in faith, at every stage of life. The General Directory for Catechesis points out that parents are the primary educators in the faith.  This year, we are inviting families to subscribe to a faith formation program for their children of preschool age through to Grade 8.  Each registered child will receive an age-appropriate booklet every week.  Based on the Gospel reading of that week, each booklet is designed to inspire children and young teens to live the Gospel in their daily lives.  The suggested contribution for the 32 booklets is $12.00 per child.

The booklets are designed to accompany a weekly catechetical session with the children, however they can also be completed by the family at home.  If a sufficient number of children register, and if we have enough parents to lead the sessions, we could offer monthly catechetical sessions divided by age group.

Are you interested in receiving these booklets for your children or grandchildren?  Would you be willing to lead a session once a month for one of the age groups (Preschool, Grades K-1, Grades 2-3, Grades 4-6, Grades 7-8)?  You can register on-line or by filling out a registration form which is available at the entrances of the church or at the parish office.

faith formation

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