First Communion

SCHEDULE                        PREPARATION                            OLDER CHILD/ADULT

Children aged 7 and above are invited to prepare for their First Communion.  Click the icon below to register for the preparation program:

First Communion Register

When is the next celebration of First Communion?

We celebrate First Communion once a year, in the Easter Season.  Preparation for First Communion starts in November , and continues until the time of the First Communion around April / May in the next year.


How do we prepare for First Communion?

Along with Baptism and Confirmation, First Communion is an important step in our Christian Initiation.  Participation in the Sunday Eucharist is the source and the summit of our Christian life, so it is important to take the time to prepare to be full participants in the Christian family which gathers around the Table of the Lord. Here is a brief overview of the process:

  • Parents contact the parish with the request for First Communion for their child;
  • One or two members of the “First Communion Team” visit the family at home, at which time the parents will be given some preparatory material;
  • Parents are invited to attend a few evening sessions which will help them to take up their role as the primary teachers of the faith for their children;
  • Parents and their children come together for a few sessions on Saturday mornings to learn together;
  • Families participate in a variety of activities with the parish community to get a taste for how we live our Christian faith.


What about First Communion for an older child or teenager?

While most children preparing for their First Communion are 7 or 8, others are older. Teens over 14 are encouraged to prepare for their First Communion at the same time as they prepare for Confirmation.