Funeral Rites

Are you surprised to find the Church’s Funeral Rites listed here? After all, they are not a sacrament. On the other hand, the Church’s Funeral Rites provide ‘the finishing touch’ to what, above all, in Baptism and Eucharist we have been introduced to: life in communion with God Father, Son and Spirit thanks to the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. So in the Church’s Funeral Rites we are privileged to speak over the deceased our faith-inspired “à-Dieu”.  And we pray that the bereaved may be comforted by the faith-inspired hope: that the darkness of death is not the final home for those who have died, but that in God’s embrace we will be reunited with those we love.

When a loved one has died we make contact with the Church — often with the assistance of the personnel of a Funeral Home — to arrange for the appropriate Funeral Service.