Please contact the parish office 6 months to 1 year before your wedding. This will allow us to discuss your plans as well as options for marriage preparation.

Marriage Preparation Sessions

Congratulations on your recent engagement!

Your WEDDING is a one-day event. But MARRIAGE, is a commitment your make, before GOD, to another person for the rest of your life!

It is so easy to get swept up in preparing for the ‘great big day’ itself…but how you live life after the wedding day is what truly determines the success of your marriage!

We hope the below information will assist you in understanding the Catholic Church’s teaching and practices with regards to the Sacrament of Marriage…

Marriage is a sharing in the Spirit by which two partners grow in mutual love and are enabled to face together the problems of married life to make their family an image of the Church united in charity. This sacrament is a sign of the union in love between Christ and his bride, the Church (cf. Ephesians 5: 25-32)

The Catholic Church requires that couples go through a process of preparation before marrying in the Church.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been engaged! Whether you have already set a wedding date, or not! Whether you have been living together for a long while and/or are just newly exploring the idea of getting married, these Marriage Preparation Sessions – suitable for people with or without a church backgroundare based on Christian principles for relationships and are run by fellow Christians (Parishioners).

These sessions are for any engaged couple who want to work at having the best possible start to their marriage.

A marriage preparation course provides an opportunity to identify your hopes and dreams and get into the habit of keeping the lines of communication open and effective. Not only does it give you the chance to uncover important issues that may be uncomfortable to discuss, it provides ways of addressing these issues effectively before they become a problem.  Not addressing critical issues such as finance, religion, family, etc., can cause serious disagreements and derail your lifelong journey. In addition, the marriage preparation course provides time for you to spend together to reflect what you want, where you are going and how you see your future lives together.

The goal of the course is to get you to shift from the engagement stage to being ready to build a successful marriage. Marriage preparation courses put you through exercises and challenges to get a sense of whether you have what it takes to make the relationship work.

Our facilitators use ‘tried-and-tested’ techniques to give you a “fighting chance” when you hit the inevitable roadblocks that married life presents. And when you do hit those roadblocks, a marriage preparation course will ideally have trained you to shift the focus from “who did what to whom” to “how we can draw upon our resources and work through the issue together”.  It is not the problems you face, but rather how you tackle them that determines how well you will negotiate marriage.

Successful marriages are ones in with both partners take responsibility for their actions and they contribute fully to make their relationship work.

Topics include:

  • Personality Differences
  • Family of Origin
  • Expectations of Marriage
  • Spirituality of Marriage
  • Sharing of Finances & Household Maintenance
  • Sexuality & Intimacy
  • Couple and Family Spirituality
  • Communication
  • Parenting

Next Session:

The English Zone of our Diocese usually offers two of these sessions – in the autumn and the spring.

These sessions are normally held at the Gatineau Diocesan Centre (180 Mont Bleu Blvd in the Hull sector).

A registration form can be picked up at the Parish Office or by contacting the Ginette Delorme (Gatineau Diocese) at 819-771-8391, extension 222.