We often speak of this Sacrament as “going to confession”. The disadvantage of this way of speaking is that it gives the impression that we are the principal actors by our confessing our sins. Yes, that is part of it, but it is really secondary to God in his love and mercy forgiving us our sins, reconciling us with Himself and with the Church when our bonds with them may have been seriously weakened or possibly even broken.

The Lenten Season in preparation for Easter is a very appropriate time for this celebration of God’s love. But such a celebration is not limited to that particular season. It can be celebrated at any time. In fact, throughout the year the Church’s weekly bulletin may indicate some time-slots set aside for this celebration of God’s mercy. It is understood that we can approach a priest at any time we feel the need for such a moment of grace.

Please contact the parish office to arrange a time to meet with the parish priest.