Service/ Outreach

A parish community must also reach out to the more vulnerable, voiceless, and powerless in our society who can be kept in chains because of economic, political and social conditions.  It is part of building up the Kingdom of God, which is integral to the mission of the Church and it accounts for the prophetic presence of the Church in our society.

 St. Vincent de Paul Society

Parishioners contribute financial to the St. Vincent de Paul Society through their monthly envelopes. Members respond to calls for help from the poor in our immediate environment.  Wherever possible, they provide food and other forms of assistance to alleviate suffering and to promote the dignity and integrity of those in need. They also organize St. Mark’s participation in the Guignolée. (St. Vincent de Paul / Help Line Centre (819 685-1343) – André Sirois)

Development and Peace

Development and Peace is the national organization of the Catholic Church in Canada that works in close collaboration with hundreds of organizations and grassroots groups in all regions of the world.  Through its development projects in the Global South, Development and Peace contributes directly to improving the quality of life for thousands of people. Those involved in this ministry organize two annual activities for parishioners: awareness-raising activities in the fall campaign, and the Share Lent campaign which helps raise funds for Development and Peace.  As part of the Share Lent campaign, members of Development and Peace also organize a ThinkFast retreat for parishioners.


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