The Fabrique

The Fabrique is an ecclesiastical corporation whose object is to acquire, possess, hold, and administer property for the practice of the Roman Catholic religion in the parish for which it is constituted (c.F-1: Act respecting Fabriques, Section 13). The Fabrique operates in accordance with the Act and diocesan policies and guidelines.  The wardens are elected by parishioners; while the chairperson is appointed by the Bishop.

To accomplish its role, it is incumbent upon a Fabrique to:

  • Know and understand the pastoral orientation and needs of the parish;
  • Elaborate financial and administrative plans and controls that will assist the realization of parish pastoral priorities as well as the essential administrative and maintenance requirements;
  • Collaborate and co-operate with the PPC and the Pastor (or Mandated Pastoral Team);
  • Work in communion with the Archbishop of Gatineau-Hull.


Areas of responsibility Term
Tish Labelle-Delorme Chair July 2019 –

Dec 2021

Eutrope Wabo Jan. 2020

Dec. 2022

Nicole Robillard Secretary, communications, personnel Jan. 2018-Dec. 2020
Carol Ann Bowers Fundraising, parish hall rentals Jan. 2018-Dec. 2020
Joseph Hoskins Interior and exterior maintenance, fundraising Jan. 2019-Dec. 2021
Monique Washnuk Jan. 2020

Dec. 2022

Thomas Unwin Interior and exterior maintenance Jan. 2019-Dec. 2021

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