The Parish Pastoral Council

A consultative body to and in co-responsibility with the Pastor, whose objective is to provide leadership, direction, education, resources and encouragement in the parish’s accomplishment of their mission as expressed under the four poles of church life: liturgy, faith formation, fellowship and transformation of society in accordance with the vision of the church of Gatineau-Hull.

To accomplish its role, it is incumbent upon the Parish Pastoral Council to:

  1. Deepen and assist the parish in deepening its vision of Church by: considering the need for evangelization; recognizing the four characteristics of church life as a means of ensuring that parish actions are balanced and concrete;
  2. Understand and make known the Christian community, taking in consideration the diversity that exists and the different needs; ensure the distribution of the information;
  3. Evaluate the pastoral activities and communicate the results to the parish;
  4. Propose pastoral orientations to the parish and encourage their implementation on short, middle or longer term basis;
  5.  Ensure that volunteers are recognized and validated;
  6. Collaborate and cooperate with the Fabrique and Pastor (or Mandated Pastoral Team);
  7. Work in communion with the Archbishop of Gatineau-Hull

PPC Members:

Marline Al Koura  (Chair) Margie Voisin (Vice-Chair) Belinda Maimo
Elizabeth Bolton Claire Larochelle Barry Engelhardt
Fern Proulx Shirley Frenette