Masses and activities at St. Mark’s

Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time Oct 17

GOOD NEWS: There is no need to register to attend mass, but we do have a seating capacity of 150 people (church and hall). Simply arrive at least 10 minutes early, sanitize hands, and be seated by the ushers. Please do your utmost to arrive early. This takes a lot of pressure off our ushers, as it is difficult to seat a lot of people at the last minute. Seating people late is a distraction from our community’s prayer.

NO 5 PM MASS NEXT SATURDAY (Oct 16):  As was announced last weekend, there will not be a Saturday evening mass next week.  Ten parishioners from St. Mark’s and Fr. John will be attending the launching of the preparatory phase of the next church synod.  This celebration will be held at Saint Joseph Cathedral in Hull.  This celebration will be attended by the archbishop, all the priests of the Archdiocese, and ten people from each parish.

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